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A sense of place

I’ve just picked a new setting for an erotic romance – Brighton.  It took a little while to decide. In fact, I drew up a list.  I felt I needed to know the place well, as setting will matter lots in this novella. It needs a firm sense of place. Why Brighton? I guess, simply, because I love the place, always have. It’s a city with everything, IMO. There’s bracing walks along the cliffs a short distance away –  precarious walks, maybe, but beautiful nevertheless. There’s the Pier – tacky, playful and timeless. There’s The Laines – chock full of eclectic shops and cafes. The nightlight – edgy and multi-faceted.  The people – colourful, alive and up for it.

So, with all that in mind, Brighton’s a perfect setting for an erotic adventure. I’m thinking modern day Fanny Hill in terms of atmosphere, if not storyline. Picaresque and bawdy will, hopefully, suit Brighton right down to the ground. Shifting sexual tastes with mix well with the bite of salt on the tongue from the crashing waves.

I have a place. A wonderful, eccentric, dynamic, vibrant place. The characters and plot can’t be far behind, can they?